Georgetown trails

Saturday evening, Natalie, Sherrie and I walked four miles along the San Gabriel River.  We started out at San Gabriel Park where the river was dry except a few pools of stinky stagnant water.  We walked through Rivery Park but avoided the pond where a big black snake crossed my path last summer.  We walked about a mile past Rivery Park to another small park and turned around.  There was a small dam at that park and there was quite a bit of water in the river on the Lake Georgetown side.  We saw a couple taking their kayak out of the water and a man taking a turtle he had rescued from the road down to the river.

The trail is very shady and although it was about 95 degrees when we started out, it was not unbearably hot due to the shade. I’m thinking of returning early some Saturday morning for a longer trek.

Natalie & Sherrie


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